Choose a Wood Stove for Rustic Elegance

Wood stoves add elegant charm to any setting, but are particularly appropriate in rustic décor. With a lovely stone surround, they fit right in to the lodge look.

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The Rustic Beauty of Wood Stoves

More and more these days, homeowners are finding ways to modernize their living spaces. Climate control is most commonly trusted to gas-powered systems which are manipulated by panels on the wall, or now, even via wireless devices. While it’s hard to argue the utility and convenience of these heating methods, it’s also tough to deny that they lack the charm and rustic appeal of a classic wood stove.

Wood stoves have been in production for hundreds of years, with several major revisions and improvements being made to designs throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. They were built then as they are now—heavy, durable, and made to handle heat sufficient to warm most or all of a residence. However, where wood stoves were built with a contemporary style for their time in generations past, they now offer an old-fashioned appeal—a reminder of simpler times when homesteaders were more self-sufficient and natural gas lines weren’t considered standard fare.

For owners of classic American design homes, cabins, and other similarly rustic dwellings, a wood stove can make for the perfect fit. Combined with strategically-placed blowers or fans, they can provide comfortable heat throughout a large expanse of indoor space. As opposed to a furnace unit which is typically kept in an unseen location, a wood stove provides an elegant and relaxing display much akin to a traditional fireplace.

The true power of wood-burning stoves is brought out by those who are truly invested in harvesting their own fuel—in this case, logs produced from trees which may grow on your very own property. Providing a renewable energy source which is extremely affordable when sufficient lumber sources are available, wood can deliver substantial savings when matched up against oil- or gas-powered solutions.

It must be noted that a wood fire does usually require a bit more effort, particularly if you plan to secure your own firewood. New fires must be started each day and tended to by someone at who will remain at home until they’re thoroughly extinguished.Of course for the rustic outdoorsy-type, effort typically isn’t considered a drawback. In fact for many people, it’s a legitimate selling point, allowing for a greater connection to the land and nature.

For those seeking to recapture a sense of classic aesthetic quality, craftsmanship, and rustic beauty, a wood stove should be high on the list of home improvement ideas. They deliver inviting warmth, a sustain able power source and a vintage appeal which is difficult to match through modern alternatives. To read more about wood stoves in La Mesa, please visit this website.

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The Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

A natural gas fireplace gives steady heat unlike a wood fireplace. Sparks and ashes don’t fly because there aren’t any logs, which makes maintenance nonexistent because there is no mess to clean up inside or outside the fireplace. Natural gas produces no embers and leaves no soot behind, and there is no need to worry about cleaning the chimney like wood-burning fireplaces require.

As for ease of operation, turning on a gas fireplace is as easy as flipping a switch. One of the biggest advantages is that there is no need to take a trip to buy firewood or work to chop down a tree. A wood fire requires effort and cannot be built at a moment’s notice, as it entails collecting the wood or logs.

The environment benefits from gas units because trees aren’t harmed, and fumes and particles are not released into the air. Studies show that a natural gas fireplace can reduce a home’s energy bill by 25%. That’s a good size savings.

Chances are you will love the constant heat supply from a gas fireplace, and curling up in front of the fire will be a treat for the entire family. Check out this website for more information on freestanding gas stoves in San Diego.


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Kitchen With a View

An outdoor cooking island features a built-in stainless steel Lynx barbeque grill and matching cabinet doors. Nearby, an attractive patio set is afforded a beautiful view of the city in the distance.

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Why Pellet Burning Stoves Are Becoming a Hot Commodity

The popularity of pellet burning stoves is on the rise. Consumers are beginning to recognize some of the benefits of having stoves that burn pellets as compared to other energy sources.

Renewable Energy Source

While standard wood logs are not renewable, pellets are in fact a renewable energy source. Pellets are thin rods made of compacted sawdust and wood shavings that can replace traditional wood logs. After bark is stripped from the log, the wood is ground up into fine particles and then given a chance to dry out. The particles are then formed into pellets.

Easy to Maintain

If you are typically away from your home for stretches of several hours at a time, this could be a great option for you. Pellet burning stoves are easier to maintain because they have an electric mechanism that feeds the pellets into the stove, as well as electric fans that emit the warm air throughout your home. Since the pellets are so tightly compacted, you do not need to add them to the fire as often. You can get up to sixteen hours of heat in one fully-loaded stove. These pellets also burn more cleanly and more efficiently than other options.


Pellets can be more cost-effective than oil, electricity, or propane. For areas where standard firewood is not readily available, and therefore very pricey, the cost of pellets is comparable. Since the pellets are so tightly compacted, they also take up a lot less storage space than traditional logs while still offering an equivalent amount of heat.

If you are a consumer who is interested in learning more about the benefits of pellet inserts in La Mesa, feel free to visit this website.


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Cozy Cooking

Wood burning stoves can add a touch of old fashioned charm to many homes, large or small. This compact stove stands in the corner of this cozy house with a minimal footprint so as not to overwhelm the room.

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Ten Styling Ideas for Mantles

Decorate your fireplace mantle with style. Here are ten ideas to choose from.

1. Asymmetrical

The key here is to use and balance horizontal and vertical items, but don’t place them all in a row.

2. Colonial

Use simple lines such as an ornate-framed picture or mirror on the wall flanked by candlesticks.

3. Perfect Alignment

Use matching figurines on either side of a mirror to achieve symmetry.

4. Salvage Style

For an eclectic look, incorporate items from an old salvage shop. Trying starting off with a vintage clock.

5. Southwest

A Native American look can be achieved by using a collage of old, chippy ceramic pots. Top off the vignetteby adding a succulent or two.

6. Traditional

Mount sconces on both sides of the fireplace and place a round mirror in the middle for a classic look.

7. Overlap

Overlapping artwork makes a strong impression. Mix wood with canvass.

8. Media Mantel

Flat-panel televisions work well over mantels. Be careful not to obstruct the view by overloading the mantel with decorative accessories.

9. Less is More

Highlight a piece of art by letting it stand-alone. Make it the focal point.

10. Holiday

Change your everyday look to celebrate the month’s holiday by adding festive items for a fun display. Consider using flags, banners, and chalkboard signs that represent the holiday.

Anyone can turn their mantel into a fantastic focal point with a little bit of thought and effort. Please see our website for more information on fireplace mantels in San Diego.


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